Loraine & PE Wedding in Provence

They wanted to enjoy as much as possible their wedding day, their friedns and family that came to share that special day with them ! A ceremony with music that remind us Love Actually, a jazz band, laugh and smiles and so much love !! Here is below their story in one of the most wedding venue in the south of France : Les domaines de Patras

This wedding was featured in the great wedding french blog La Mariée Aux Pieds Nus and here is few words from the groom PE :

Wedding in Provence

” We met during the 2003 summer, 4 years ago already, Loraine was just coming back to Lyon after 5 years in Madrid and  myself, I was just settling there. We just met thru friends  after few dates, and after few dates, a kiss, a love story was born ! And the rest is history ! 

After moving together and few year in a cute little appartement, we moved in a bigger house wher our friends all feel good to come along. For my 30th birthday, they decided to build a “petanque” field in courtyard and this is during this particular night, I propose to her from the balcony of our room upstairs, she said YES !

Quite quickly, we came across the venue Domaine de Patras, it fit right from the beginning with Kety & Eric that run the place and we couldt have more happy, that was the perfect place to host our wedding : warm, cosy, stunning mansion, pet friendly, we wanted a place were people feel great and was alo very special, Patras os a perfect mix.”


Bridal Dress : Rue De Seine & Shoes : Sezane

Groom Suits : De Fursac & Shoes : Bowen

Florist : Atelier Lavarenne

Photography : Lifestories by Yann Audic


wedding dress & shoes on a wedding day023-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_9634029-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2207040-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2241049-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_9667053-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2261065-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2305078-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_9686094-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2395097-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2400110-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_9706111-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_9710120-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_9639125-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2461329-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2769334-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2783344-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2806347-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2814374-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_9938375-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_9940380-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2889391-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_9945393-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2904396-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2909407-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2929410-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_9951443-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_2989474-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_0032475-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_0034477-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_0037479-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3056481-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_0039490-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3070495-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3085499-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3088505-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3100511-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3114Bride wearing a Rue de Seine dress during her wedding in Provence at Les Domaines de Patras516-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3149518-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3154519-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3155520-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3159527-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-MK3_0052529-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3175564-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3274599-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3415645-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3531668-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3584706-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3648723-Lifestories-Loraine-PE-2017-_MG_3711

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