Road trip JAPAN 2016 –  thru Japanese Alps to the Ocean

For the first time, we went over winter, was fairly a big change with the Japan I know. We made the most of it by going to the Japanese Alps with the family car. The 3 of us, Naoko, our good friend Steven and me.

We first spent few days in Tokyo at Naoko’s parents place in Mita, enjoying our usual favourite places in Daikan-yama, Azabu-juban or Shibuya. After Steven join us there, we left Tokyo the day after New Year Day, just after watching Ekiden, Aoyama rules !

 One goal, the mountains then Biwako Lake, we just went West, looking for beautiful landscape and light so I can finish the book about Japan I have in prep with a publishing house here in paris.

This trip has been published on the great Blog Les Others

Here is a little bit of our adventures here :

001-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9712 002-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9720 003-yann-audic-japan_IMG_9744 004-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9771 005-yann-audic-japan_IMG_9750 006-yann-audic-japan_IMG_9752 007-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9802 008-yann-audic-japan_IMG_9836 009-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9817 010-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9822 011-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9831 012-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9841 013-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9885 014-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9919 015-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9930 016-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9966 017-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9985 018-yann-audic-japan_DSCF9998 019-yann-audic-japan_IMG_9903 020-yann-audic-japan_IMG_9924 021-yann-audic-japan_IMG_9931  023-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0029 024-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0034 025-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0053 026-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0058 027-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0077 028-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0082 029-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0090 030-yann-audic-japan_IMG_9949 031-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0102 032-yann-audic-japan_IMG_9979  034-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0012 035-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0026 036-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0042 037-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0061 038-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0070 039-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0080 040-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0095 041-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0105 042-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0125 043-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0153 044-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0158 045-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0168 046-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0172 047-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0106 048-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0108 049-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0110 050-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0112 051-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0120 052-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0140 053-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0147 054-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0155 055-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0210 056-yann-audic-japan_IMG_0225 057-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0220 058-yann-audic-japan_DSCF0223

Camera geek details : Some of these images has been posted in my review of the Fuji x-100-t, these also has been shot with my Canon 5D



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