An elegant wedding near the Ocean

Comporta near Lisbon, is the perfect spot for a wedding, right behind the sand dunes, alongside the Atlantic is Comporta Laguna, one of the most iconic location of Portugal. This area is very much photogenic for wedding photography; from the rustic houses, to the gates, bridges, the canyons, yes very impressive and all the scenery, made for perfect wedding & couple photos. The venue is new and been built in a eco-lodge style, right in the middle of a pine forest. The small town nearby has the odd familiarity of childhood memories; going back to traditional and simple ways, cute shop and café on the main square. The nature of all of the photos of this specific wedding were very simplistic and easy-going.

For the ceremony, the couple choose a old chapel nearby that is perfect for a very small and intimate ceremony. The building is made of very old bricks, and the morning lighting makes for a very vintage feeling. All of the windows have no glass, so the lighting is very natural – very comforting and wonderful for optimal lighting in photos. Almost guaranteed to have great photos with lighting like that. To have the ceremony, you will have to bring someone along, but it is well worth it for the experience. The small church makes for a very emotional and private feeling ceremony.

Venue : Sublime Comporta

Wedding photographer in Portugal

005-Lifestories-Justine-Paulo-2017- Sublime-Comporta-_MG_8179

010-Lifestories-Justine-Paulo-2017- Sublime-Comporta-_MG_8183

Wedding at Sublime Comporta027-Lifestories-Justine-Paulo-2017- Sublime-Comporta-MK3_6458

Bride at her wedding at Sublime ComportaCouple after their wedding at Sublime ComportaSublime ComportaSublime Comporta377-Lifestories-Justine-Paulo-2017- Sublime-Comporta-_MG_9017



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